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Spurs Brasil interview with Marcus Denmon

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Marcus Denmon is another late second round Draft pick for the San Antonio Spurs. The shooting-guard, who came from the Missouri University, had 17,7 points (46% FG, 40,7% 3 PT, 89,6% FT) and five rebounds per game last season.

Marcus Denmon at the Summer League (Shep McAllister/

Selected at the 59th pick on the last Draft, Denmon, who is 22 years old, had the chance to play for the Spurs on the last Summer League. At Las Vegas, he had 5,4 points and 1,8 rebounds per game.

The Spurs rooster is full of guards. That’s the main reason why Denmon became a project for the franchise’s future. He will play the next season for the French team Elan Chalon.

Thanks to the PR team of his new club, Denmon answered questions sent by the Spurs Brasil. He said that he learnt quickly the Spurs system and he wants to learn to play the point guard position. See the full interview below:

Spurs Brasil – How the ideia to join Chalon came up? SG seems to be one of the needs of the team. The team contacted you? The Spurs helped with the negotiations? 

Marcus Denmon – Yes, the team contacted my agent and both sides thought that Chalon would be a great fit.

SB – Other NBA players, such as Thabo Sefolosha and Udonis Haslem, have already played for Chalon. This information makes you more comfortable to play for the team? 

MD – Yes, because this way I know that other good players have been successful playing in Chalon.

Denmon at the Summer League (Shep McAllister/

SB – How do you think that your game will translate do the Euroleague level? Do you feel confident to maintain your university level of play? 

MD – Yes I do, I work really hard, and hopefully I am fortunate enough to stay healthy and play well.

SB – What do you felt when the Spurs selected you at the Draft? The franchise had already talked to you about recruiting you or was a surprise on the Draft night? 

MD – I knew that the Spurs were interested in me, I felt anxious because I wanted to see what team would pick me.

SB – On the Summer League, you had the chance to learn a little bit about the Spurs system, right? Is it difficult to learn?

MD – Yes, I did play with some of the younger Spurs players and learned from their good coaching staff. I picked up the system quickly in the short time that I was there.

SB – Someone from the Spurs remain in touch with you after you signed with Chalon? What parts of your game does the franchise want you to develop in this European stint? 

MD – Yes, my entire time here the Spurs will maintain contact. Continue to develop all around is important but, mainly, running a team and being efficient at the 1 position.

SB – What parts of your game do you think you need to develop before playing at the NBA? 

MD – Playing in a system running the one position.

SB – Some Pre-Draft analysts told that your game is similar to Eddie Houses’. Do you agree with this?

MD – We have similar abilities in shooting the ball, but I think I am different in a lot of ways and that is not a good comparison.

SB – What are your idols in basketball? Who inspired you to play the game?

MD – Michael Jordan was my idol growing up as a young player, and my uncle and brother inspired me at a young age to play.